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imogenheap_fans's Journal

Imogen Heap Fans
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A community for fans to congregate, discuss news stories, and share graphics.

1. Respect each other. Try not to instigate any arguments. We’re all here for the same reasons, to appreciate Immi, so try to limit the hate, mkay? ;)
2. Do your best to tag your posts. They become extremely helpful when searching. To see a list of tags, click here.
3. Be sure to check if what you post has already been posted.
4. Graphics ARE allowed to be posted! Feel free to share your work, whether it be icons, wallpaper, fan art, or anything!
5. No file/mp3 sharing, please. We at imogenheap_fans respect all the work that Immi does. If you wish to listen to her music, do her a favor, and please find some legal means of downloading it [purchasing].
6. NO spamming please. It’s not funny.

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